About Three-PM

Three-PM is a service provider in the field of IT and Electrical Engineering, and provides expertise to clients in the form of project management, project engineering and technical advice. We have experience in various sectors, but we specialise in Cultural Heritage, Broadcast & Media and (Semi) Government.


Cultural Heritage

Three-PM works for many clients in the cultural heritage sector and has extensive experience in the field of:

  • Design and Implementation of IT systems for museums and exhibitions
  • Implementation of collection management systems
  • Design and furnishing of museum depots and collection centres


Broadcast & Media

Three-PM holds more than 10 years of knowledge and experience in project engineering and project management in the broadcasting and media sector.  
Succesfully delivered projects include:

  • Broadcast transmission suites
  • Pre- and post-workflows
  • Compression and distribution platforms
  • (Film) digitization


(Semi) government

Three-PM advises the municipality of Rotterdam on preparing a scenario analysis and a program of requirements for a successor to their museum depot "Metaalhof".

Commissioned by our partner Custom Airport Solutions, we advise on the business change process for a complex technical facility at Shiphol Airport.



"Three-PM shares knowledge and experience with us that we do not have in-house. They do not simply take projects out of our hands, but actually contribute to the development of our organization and employees. At the same time, they do ensure projects progress according to plan and monitor the project goals. This makes Three-PM a very nice partner to work with."

- Cindy Zalm

Head of Delivery and Realisation, National Museum of World Cultures